About Us

Atlas Partners Group incorporates a diverse group of companies set up primarily to work as a property development company. The group is focused mainly on working in the South East of England, but also has developments further afield. The group works closely with investors to procure opportunities securing land for development and buildings for redevelopment as quality homes. This commercial enterprise is driven by the demand for quality homes people aspire to live in.

Our Commercial business team includes former senior bankers, construction personnel and professional surveyors. This team is able to provide a flexible and productive approach to keeping costs under control on developments whilst providing a quality product for both investors and home owners alike. Our team prides itself on its ability to identify opportunities and transform those into successful developments that include homes and business premises within.

Our group can provide links to specialist companies that deal with the raising of finance and investment monies for projects comprising of equity, senior debt and mezzanine finance. Through this financing, we are able to support existing businesses that wish to diversify, expand or consolidate and this in turn gives rise to opportunity for development.

Atlas Partners Group is able to offer joint venture arrangements with land owners, providing the necessary investment to procure the delivery of exciting and innovative schemes and more importantly to deliver the inherent value of the site which is not always apparent to the traditional house building company. We have within our group, specialist planning advisers that are able to assess the opportunity quickly and professionally that land owners may wish to explore as an option.