Meet The Team

Since 2009, Atlas Partners Group Ltd. has established itself as a successful privately owned, property development company in Kent. Meet the team behind its impressive professional history..

Nick Brown

A former Partner in Associate Design and Management Services procuring investment funding partnerships with off-shore investors over the last thirty years. Nick is responsible for the negotiation of acquisitions, partnerships and joint ventures and works closely with Guy Hammond who is responsible for procuring the finance and investment.

Guy Hammond

Managing Director
Guy Hammond has considerable experience in the banking and property development sectors and a key understanding of their individual requirements. His first class relationships with Senior Directors of the lenders will remove the uncertainty that often accompanies commercial loan arrangements and ensure borrowers benefit from competitive terms, a swift application procedure and aftercare service. The aim is to take the uncertainty out of commercial borrowing. Guy will also provide mezzanine finance, access to institutional funds and family wealth offices.

Ernie Battey

Group Chief Executive Officer
Ernie has an extensive background in the banking and property investment sectors. Prior to 2007, when he switched his focus to large scale property development, Ernie held senior executive positions at Lloyds TSB Bank, including being the Head of Global Project Finance. He advised Central Government on PFI/PPP, participated on the Government Advisory Committee on the Student Loans Board and was a director of the Solent LEP. Ernie has played a major role in leading significant investment and regeneration projects across the country, particularly within the London and South East regions. Partnership working with local authorities is a natural extension of his work, where he applies his broad experience in connecting and improving regional economic infrastructure through working with both public and private sector organisations.