Land Values

Atlas Partners Group is able to provide professional valuation services on proposed land purchases. This is key to finding the right funding and Joint Venture Partners. Valuations normally include three stages which are current value, with planning consent value and end value of a completed project.

Many land owners are not aware of the inherent value of their holdings. If you are thinking about redevelopment of your site, then Atlas Partners Group can provide a summary of values confirming the information that banks or Joint Venture Partners will require for any funding of any proposed development.

Further, these valuations can be used for negotiation with proposed purchasers of the site at any stage. These types of valuations are extremely useful when a pre-sale has been agreed with a third party.

Atlas Partners Group can advise both private and public bodies with regards to management, development or disposal of its assets.

We have experienced teams that have worked in all these areas and have access to the appropriate bodies and consultants to ensure that appropriate criteria is met.

We make sure that both private and public entities fulfill its obligations accordingly.